Chris Park - Chairman

Mr Park is the Chairman of Bancor's Advisory board and Chairman of Bancor International Limited and his contribution to Bancor is of great importance to the success of our various projects.
Mr Park also serves as an Advisor to Doosan Corporation in Korea presently and was the Chairman of Deloittes Consulting in South Korea. His earlier years was in Accountancy and was with Deloittes & Touche (Partner - USA) and Deloittes Anjin LLC (South Korea).
Mr. Park is a naturalized US citizen since 1970, and has over 40 years (including 35 years in New York) of public accounting and consulting experiences serving multinational companies based in Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.  He has worked with organizations of all sizes and types and in a wide cross-section of industries, including international trading, electronics, semiconductors, oil and gas, aerospace and marine transportation, telecommunications, construction, and government.  He also has experience in large and complicated business combinations, joint ventures, and public offerings of securities.


The clients that he has worked with include: China Petroleum Corp. (on behalf of UN Centre on Transnational Corporations), United Technologies, Commonwealth Oil Refining Company, Environmental Treatment & Technologies, Glencore Corp., Ogden Marine Inc., Isuzu Motors (Japan), Plessey Company (UK), Ivaco Steel (Canada), Doosan Group, SK Group, Hanhwa Group, Hyosung Group, Samsung Electronics, Korea International Trade Association, Daewoo Securities, and Sammi Steel.


Mr. Park is a prominent speaker at various conventions and seminars held by professional and business organizations, including the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea, Korea International Trade Association in New York and Korea, and US-Korea Business Council.  He was a visiting professor at Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University.

Mr Park was educated in both South Korea and USA. He was awarded the Bachelor of Commerce at the Seoul National University, South Korea and then Masters of Accounting and PHD from University of Wyoming and University of Michigan respectively in the United States of America.
Mr Park has also participated in many other institutions in different capacities:-
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (since 1970)
  • New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (since 1970)
  • U.S. – Korea Business Council (Member of the US Council since 1990)
  • Korea Business Forum (since 1998)