Sustainable Growth is our core - Private markets are our field


Bancor was established in 2007 in Hong Kong with the aim of providing unprecedented growth on investment for its stakeholders. The company was originally angel-funded in excess of 10 Million USD as paid-in capital.

Our investments and projects are focused on strong business ethics, integrity and sustainability.

Over the last decade, we have become a unique service provider of special solutions for our customers and clients across the APAC region and in Western Europe.

Our management partners come from various industries having multiple years of senior executive management expertise in the areas of management consulting, financial services, ESG advisory, commodity trading and infrastructure sector.

Environmental responsibility, social responsibility across all areas, sustainable long-term returns and a proven business model are the core part of our investment decision process.

Aligning our investments with our CSR aspirations

Our obligation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) amplifies to the financing of our operations and is a core pillar of our private equity investments.

Our industry-leading approach to implementing sustainable finance factors in environmental, social and governance (ESG) parameters into our investment decisions.

This methodology permits us to adjust our investment activities to our CSR needs, expand our pool of corporate and private investors and drives our sustainable return approach.

Our obligation to the environment

As a management consulting company and private equity investor, we must ensure the sustainability of our investments and the corporate and social responsibility of our clients and their business. That is the reason we’ve taken significant measures in our investment process, in the consuting projects we execute and the changes we recommend to our clients in order to reduce our and our clients environmental footprint.