Welcome to Bancor
Bancor was established in 2007 with the aim of providing unprecedented growth on investment for their investors and shareholders. The company was Angel funded with over 10 Million USD.

Bancor  through their partners have unsurpassed interest and investment into different business sectors ranging from Business Consulting, Property developments, FMCG and Commodity trading globally.

The platform from which we have launched our projects is business ethics, business integrity and business knowhow. The three pillars have become the fundamental layer of our company culture from which we have now grown to become a successful company within APAC region.

The many years of experience of our partners are from a multitude of business background and through their contributions individually and collectively, we have become the company that we are today.

With global warming on earth being more and more apparent, Bancor invests and practices sustainability in all our projects. We hope that through this believe, Bancor can make a difference for our next generation.


Thank you for dropping by our website and do not hesistate to contact us for anything which may be of service to you.